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Easter 3 Days Wrap-Up

Here is a brief report on how our club members fared at the Australian 3 days in Queensland.

11 members traveled to Stanthorpe for the Easter 3 day carnival. This is traditionally the biggest orienteering event of the year. There was good news and bad news.
First the bad news, Gordon injured himself badly on the 1st day and will be out of orienteering for the rest of the year. Now the good news. Marina won W21A winning all 3 days. We had 2 other placegetters with Mel 2nd in M55AS and I was 2nd in M65A. Mel was walking the whole way, but still managed to win day 1 on the Over the Border map, The assembly area was in Qld, we started right on the border fence, most of the course was in NSW and we finished in Qld. I was particularly happy with my results, it was the best I'd been since my knee operation.
Eric was sick for the last few days but was 9th in M21E on the bush sprint on the first day. Fedor was the only entry in M21A, so the organisers asked him to go up into M21E or down into Sledge. Fedor chose to go up and finished each day going out late on long courses in the heat of the day.

Steve was with me in M65A but did not perform to his usual high standard and finished 8th. Rob was with Gordon in M60A, he usually runs AS but ran in A and he finished 19th. Kathy walked around W45AS and finished 13th. Graham finished 8th in M55AS, Cheryl was hanging in there in WopenB until the last day when she mispunched.

There is plenty of info about results, pictures etc on the following website

Terry Bluett

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