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Middle Head MapRun

The courses can be found in the MapRun App under: Select Event \ NSW \ Sydney \ Middle Head.

Safety is important

These orienteering courses are provided for your recreation and enjoyment, offering an important boost to your physical and mental well-being during these challenging COVID restrictions. Bennelong cannot provide any support or assistance during your MapRun, Bennelong takes no responsibility for any injury or misadventure, you undertake the MapRun at your own risk. Please take a mobile phone with you, and, tell someone where you're going and what time you'll be back. In an emergency, please call 000.

Maps & courses:

This is a beautiful area, and suitable for a high intensity work-out. Park near Georges Heights oval, have an easy 1km downhill warm-up, run hard on the sprint map, then warm down with the 1km walk back up the hill.

Course Actual Distance Summary Results Map
Architect Barnet 2.8km Below Here Here
Captain Abbott 4.0km Below Here Here
Bungaree 4.0km Below Here Here
Cammeraygal 2.0km Below Here Here
The PDF maps for download have 2 pages, the first being the fukll map, then the second page being a number of zoomed-in insets.

Parking: It's recommended to park near Georges Heights Oval for 2 reasons: it's free, and, it offers a very nice 1km downhill warm-up.

  • Free Parking: on Middle Head Road from the junction with Cobbittee St, back towards Mosman. Or, the car park at Georges Heights Oval.
  • Chowder Bay Road (NPWS): $3 per hour Mon-Fri, $4 per hour w/e
  • Car parks around Middle Head Oval & Burnt Orange Cafe: $4 per hour Mon-Fri, $6 per hour w/e

Toilets & Amenities:

  • Toilets at Middle Head Oval
  • Coffee shop (Middle Head Cafe, no toilets) at Middle Head Oval
  • One small toilet at the entrance to the national park at Middle Head itself.
  • Back up the hill, toilets near Frenchy's cafe at Georges Head (Headland Park).
  • Toilets at Georges Heights Oval

MapRun notes:

The punch tolerance is set to 10m (proximity to a checkpoint to register your visit), less than the default 15m. In such an intricate setting, a lower tolerance is needed otherwise you'll punch the controls before you realise you're close e.g. at 15m, in the ASOPA complex, our test runs punched controls from the other side of buildings. 10m is still very generous, after all, this is for fun.
Just keep running - this is for fun, so don't worry if you visit a control feature but your phone doesn't beep - use the HITMO function afterwards to register your visit.
There are various start and finish locations across the courses, so please take note. All courses avoid to busiest section of road (the roundabout by the Middle Head Oval toilets). A couple of courses do cross Chowder Bay Road, so please be careful when crossing - there are many road bikes, so look as well as listen.
The Obelisk beach maze - is this too ambitious? Super confusing, super fun. The control sites are (hopefully) obvious features, selected in what should be "catching" locations. The advice is is to watch teh contours and pay attention to the cliffline, more than reading the track network. A zoomed-in version is available for each course
To show the extent of field visits for the mapping, the GPS tracks below illustrate the maze, but also illustrate the natural variation in GPS signal.
ASOPA - Australian School of Pacific Administration
A fun, intricate sprint venue. The controls are purposely in the open - your phone will lose accuracy as you enter the canopies/undercover walkways, but should recover accuracy quickly once you emerge to open sky to visit teh control feature.
The Outer Fort - each course has several controls in this maze, and purposely criss-crosses the fort to gain full value. Please make note of the control numbers and sequence to ensure you visit in the correct order. A zoomed-in vesrion of the map is available for each course.
Named in honour of Captain Edward Abbott who supervised the construction of the 1801 fort. All supplies, canons, and soldiers were dropped at Obelisk Beach, then made to journey up through the bush to the fort. This orienteering course follows that journey from Obelisk Beach (control #1) to the fort (control #5).
START = Sun dial just to the east of Burnt Orange cafe.
FINISH = Floodlight adjacent to the Middle Head Oval toilets.
^ the start of the Captain Abbott course
^ the fort that Captain Abbott constructed in 1801, control #5 on this course.
^ Leg 19 - 20 is through the sunken corridors at Middle Head "Outer Fort". 
The map is available to download here.
Named in honour of Bungaree, an explorer and influential figure during the first 40 years of New South Wales. He became the first recorded Australian-born to circumnavigate the continent, undertaking the critical role of interpreter, guide and negotiator on Matthew Flinders 1801-3 voyage. Bungaree grew-up in the Broken Bay area, moving to Sydney in the 1790s, quickly becoming fluent in English, allowing the education of Europeans into Indigenous culture, & became a ceremonial welcomer to foreign visitors. In 1815, Bungaree and his family moved to Georges Head to start a farm, it is likely that he walked this orienteering course often
START = Floodlight adjacent to the Middle Head Oval toilets.
FINISH = Sundial next to Burnt Orange cafe.
^the start of the Bungaree course
^ runner on the 4 - 5 leg inside the Middle Head "Outer Fort"
^ Leg 7 - 8 is across the Outer Fort.
The map is available to download here.
James Barnet was the architect for the Inner & Outer forts.
START = Floodlight adjacent to the Middle Head Oval toilets.
FINISH = BBQ near the ASOPA complex.
^ the start of the Architect Barnet course
^ checkpoint #2 at the Officers Quarters, with the defensive ditch.
^ Leg 4 - 5 at the Inner Fort, from the ramp to the ruin.
The map is available to download here.

Cammeraygal Course:

2km course, mainly flat, visiting teh Outer Fort, starting from the BBQ inbetween the ASOPA office buildings and the main car park, then finishing at Middle Head Oval.
More to follow.
^ Middle Head "Inner Fort"



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