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MetrO League Finals - Cataract Scout Park

Illawarra Kareelah hosted the MetrO League final, in round 6 at the Cataract Scout Park near Appin. Used to host the Scout Jamboree, the park has around ten very large clearings, each with access roads, shelters and amenities blocks. The course setter was particularly dastardly and began all courses to the north and in to some tricky rock formations with four controls all along one rock line. Looking at the splits this is where most people came unstuck; It does wonders for the confidence when it takes 20 minutes to find the first control! D'oh! After that the courses stuck mostly to the clearings and the trick was to hold your line across the clearing to hit the other side in the right spot and get on to the right track. That was also a bit tricky, with a lot of tracks coming off each clearing and therefore lots of opportunities for misadventure! Some eager orienteers trying to cut the corner off between controls stumbled across the Scout's obstacle course: swings, rope climbs, balance beams, mud crawls! 

With a few regular speedsters away and some gaps to fill a lot of members had to run up a division and they didn't disappoint. There were a few blowout times on both sides which made things pretty even. Special congratulations go out to the Division 2 team, winning against the unbeaten Uringa-CC team to take first place. Under the MetrO League rules that means our team will be promoted to Division 1 next year. Unfortunately we didn't win our other matches on the day, but we did achieve second place all of our other divisions: 3, 4 and 5. That's and outstanding result and demonstrates the cunning wit and sly fitness of both our long term and freshman members!

  Division 2          
  Win! Bennelong Northside 31 Uringa-Central Coast 24  
  Division 3          
  Loss Bennelong Northside 22 Southern Highlands 22  
  Division 4          
  Loss Bennelong Northside 37 Big Foot 17  
  Division 5          
  Loss Bennelong Northside 32 Garingal Legless 20  

Ariadna, sans training wheels, has the boys chasing her already! Watch out Marina and Fedor, this one has an O-Ringen 2014 shirt and excellent running form!

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