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SSS Round 2. Ups or Downs?


Week two down. Time to see who has maintained, who has gained and who the rest of us are.

This week's event was hosted by Garingal at North Epping. If you made it through the Epping Road traffic you will have been greeted with some fireroad and trails in the upper end of the Lane Cove National Park, some steep hills around the streets and some ominous skies at had many grabbing a plastic slip for their map. The National Park and steep slope down to the creek meant it was a long loop running along the top of the map, with just one other entry point. With lots of points along the track you had to venture down there if you wanted a 400+ score. It also gave you a sight of the map's namesake, Whale Rock.

SSS Week 1 - Who kept up the training in the off-season

This week we had our first Sydney Summer Series run for the new season, and we were treated to great weather, a great start location and some great views. There was even a free 1km, 10 control mini-course around the park with one control two steps across the sand hanging from a shipwreck!

Good results in the Aus Champs

Hi all,

Change of seasons now, the Australian Championships in Queensland have just finished and Sydney Summer series is about to begin.

To fill you in on the Aus champs, the undoubted  Bennelong star was Gordon Wilson in M65A. Gordon had a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the 4 Championship events. Gordon was in the winning M65 relay team, 2nd in the middle distance, 3rd in the long distance and 4th in the sprint.

Eric Morris was in the winning NSW M45  team in the relay.

Steve Flick was 2nd in M65A in the long.

Moonlight Madness #6 - Freshwater

Bennelong is hosting the final Moonlight Madness for the season at Freshwater. Course setting by David McGhee.
Full information is available on Eventor, here.

Club Meeting

General club meeting at Terry's place. Send an email to Darren, Terry or Gordon if you haven't got the message through the email list. 
Up for discussion amongst other things, will be the new SSS season.


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